April 3, 2009

Who wants the ball???

If any of you know me. You know that I love football. I was born into a football family and lived in a football state, so from the time I could remember I always wanted to play. I played defense and my favorite thing to do was tackle people. I loved contact. 

I was listening to Perry Noble speak the other day at Unleash 09. We were there live, but we had to leave early and so I watched the rest of that last service online. In this message he talked about playing rugby in australia with some peeps from Hillsongs Church. He said that at first he didn't want to get the ball because people who get the ball get hit. Hit hard...

But after a while, he was bored... Then Perry decided he wanted the ball... I would like to take a second to challenge you. Are you bored? Has your walk with Christ lost it's verve, passion, drive, etc.? 

...When is the last time you carried the ball?

When is the last time you told God, "I want the ball!" I don't care if I get knocked down, hit, made fun of or stumble I want to carry the name of Christ to this world. When was the last time you asked God to do the extraordinary through you? I hope you will be encouraged and challenged to pick up the ball today. Get your head in the game and start serving Christ with all you got!!!