April 13, 2009

The big think tank!!!

I am really excited about the opportunity to be involved in a web-conversation about Seth Godin's latest book Tribes. There are going to be almost 30 contributing authors discussing this on all of their personal blogs. (You can find a list of them here!) 

Personally, I am amazed (and humbled) at the great thinkers/bloggers that are out there that are participating in this project. I hope I can keep up with them, y'know since my vernacular of choice is middle-school speak ;)! 

I'll be blogging this Friday (4/17) about pages 21-26. I encourage those of you who follow the blog to check out other blogs in the list above during this time to check out what others have to say. Plus I hope you might find some blogs you would like to follow in the future. I always find it is such a cool way to feel connected with people all around the globe!

Anyways thanks for reading, if you are so compelled to start reading about this project with me, the first post is today on churchcrunch.com!