April 17, 2009

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Ungrateful Dead?

I don't really know who the Grateful Dead are. And I certainly can't quote any of their music, but I can appreciate the idea Seth is trying to convey. But I think with any modern bands that have a passionate "grassroots" following we can see the concept of "tribes" in action.

Communication is multi-faceted:

I think for me it is fairly simple to understand the importance of good communication to the tribe, but what makes these pages a little more challenging is to understand the significance of communication within the tribe (or feedback loops from the tribe to the leader) that can take your tribe to a whole other level.

p23 "...there is a difference between telling people what to do and inciting a movement. The movement happens when people talk to one another, when ideas spread within the community, and most of all, when peer support leads people to do what they have always knew was the right thing"

In this portion of the book Godin presents four kinds of communication:
1. Leader to tribe
2. Tribe to leader
3. Tribe member to tribe member
4. Tribe member to outsider

Improving a tribe

Out of these four areas which do you think your organization/tribe/tea group/etc. knock out of the park and which one's need improvement?

What are some ways you have transformed a "shared interest into a passionate goal/desire for change"?

Throughout our blogs about the book we have heard of various tools used to communicate to our tribe, does anyone have any cutting edge things that we have not discussed yet, in order to improve/focus/help our communication?

How can we generate tribal buzz "off-line"? or is it even possible to do this offline? The reason I ask about off-line is in our day to day meetings with our local tribes (for me i.e. our fellowship, etc.)

*My apologies for the late post. Life jumped up and bit me on the rear end this morning and now I'm here!