April 27, 2009


Have you heard of oovoo? I hadn't until yesterday. So I downloaded the program onto my Mac and it seemed to work pretty well. The only bummer part of it is after 30 days I will only be able to use the regular version versus the "super" version or whatever the junk they call it. (regular version=3 people at a time vid chat; uber version=6 people at the same time and you have video messages and storage and blah blah blah.)

But, we tried it out for the first time last night and it was cooliosis. Here's a snapshot of @katumlinson and @Chadwesley and I video chatting. (Even though @katumlinson and I were in the same house lol!) Anyways it works good, so you should try it. Unless someone out there has a better program for Macs. If you are out there and want to try let me know and maybe we can get our vidchat on!