February 25, 2010

GraceSTUDENTS news! (Jan/Feb)

It has been a great two months to start off this year in GraceSTUDENTS!!! I want to thank you for all your support, care and prayers for our student ministry. I also want to take this time to celebrate with you the victories that have happened in the last two months. We have so much to be thankful for and here are just a few of the things that have happened so far:

SUNDAY MORNING----------------------------------

First of all, we have started the year with two awesome teaching series right off the bat. Our first series was "Rise Up and Go". We challenged students not just to make new year's resolutions but make real, tagible steps to follow Christ in 2010 with everything they have. In February we are going through "Search for Significance", where we break down what the bible says about who we are in Christ. Also in this series we are teaching the value of giving others around us significance through Christ's message as well.

This March we are starting, "On the Lot". "On the Lot" is a series that derives it's title from being on a movie lot. Many movies have a script, but until people actually act it out, we don't see it come to life. In this series we will be teaching about how important the Bible is and how it is not just words on a page, but life, action, and a tangible story of faith!

WORSHIP TEAM--------------------------------------

GraceSTUDENTS now has an official worship team!!! This team is made up of high-schoolers whose desire is to worship and serve through music. We are very proud of the time and effort they are putting into the team and I think they are creating a wonderful environment for the middle school worship service @10:15--(do you want to see them in action? Take the Backstage Tour, which is at the first of each month-email Grace for details)

SUPPORT TO HAITI------------------------------------

Did you know that your students raised over $215 in change to support Haiti Earthquake victims through Churches helping Churches??? In just a little over two weeks your students emptied their change jars and helped GraceSTUDENTS make an impact to Haiti. I am so proud of our students getting involved financially to help a good cause. Great job!!!

SMALL GROUP REPORT------------------------------

We have three Middle School Small groups up and running. Our goal is that each of these small groups do a service project once a semester. One of these groups in particular (Middle School Boys--meets wed nights) actually made over 100 pbj sandwiches for the homeless for one of their service projects this past month. We were able to give these to the coalition for the homeless and they had a great time doing it. Way to serve guys!!! (if you want to know more about small groups please contact us at students@gogracefellowship.com)


GraceSTUDENTS has their own official website now, and if you haven't checked it we encourage you to do so. It is www.gogracestudents.com. On this website you can actually find out about who we are, what we do, current events, 2010 Calendar, forms, and resources. We try to keep this up-to-date so if you ever need forms or want to know about events it should be on our calendar, big thanks to Dave Diaz who has been working diligently on this site!

SUMMER CAMP----------------------------------------

Registration is now closed for our 2010 BigStuf Summer camp, but we are taking 38 teenagers to Panama City this July!!! We are so stoked about taking these students and are looking forward to the life-change that is going to happen on this trip. Please keep this group in your prayers, especially as we draw nearer to this time!!!

February 21, 2010

Killer Prayer Tips: Fo' Real

Our good buddies at igniter media, gots this video for purchase. It makes me laugh out loud. So, watch it... ;)

February 17, 2010

Personal Psalm of Lament

Why? Why do we do it? When faith in Jesus seems absurd? When we have more questions than answers? When everyone that goes their own way seems to triumph.

They have fat wallets, fat jets, fat watches and fat rings. Pleasure shares their bed and Gluttony washes any sorrow from their face. They laugh at us from afar and say, "Where is your god? If he were real why do you toil? I say "grow" and my pile of gold doubles. You see a building and cannot take it. I could buy the building for my dog to sleep in."

It seems as if their hands are almost on any prize that they seek. It is within their grasp. Many are crushed under their heel. They are free to do as they please. They are proud. Men bow down to them, and look in envy.

When I look at our work, is it much to regard? We work all day long. Consumed with the concern for our flock. A flock that disregards and goes its own way, but we run after it. We pursue it. Although it scatters we work to mend our fences. But we are soon divided. We strive between tending the flock and reaping the fields full of grain. Will there be no more to help?

Then I hear the voice of the ONE. It splits my bones and melts me like wax in a fire. I become as a liquid under YOUR rebuke. Why do I doubt YOU? YOU make the sun rise and fall. YOU give the stars their home under YOUR roof. Earth's riches are but a trinket. A small charm on the wrist chain of the least person in YOUR Kingdom. At the sound of YOUR voice the clouds retreat. The earth splits open and bears its interior. It too is afraid of YOUR voice. In the same way as the earth splits open you will crush the wicked. They will be revealed and laid bare before the NAME. Those that cast no regard in YOUR direction will stand and give account.

I bow down and YOUR fire rains down upon my life as a cleansing flood. I trust YOU. YOUR rebuke is better than 10,000 kisses from my lover. YOU will see YOUR work done during this time. At YOUR command YOU bring living water from stone. Nothing is too hard for YOU. So I will praise THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES. In YOUR NAME is hope and YOUR NAME is good. I will praise YOU, because YOU have delivered me from stumbling. YOUR GLORY shines above the earth.


February 10, 2010

A good and gentle reminder for today...

Where is the love???

So do you remember a time when your best girl said the dreaded words, "i only like you as a friend"? What a swift kick in the pants that phrase was. I want to know what woman came up with that retort. She is like the person who invented toilet paper, or Cheez Wiz.
She would get a chick Nobel-prize.

I mean, it's pretty much indestructible. When a girl says this it's like what the Royal Flush is to card-playing. You lose.

Seriously woman, you really messed me up. I mean no matter how you retort to this statement, you lose. You either look psycho, whiny, weak or weird. And if you say, "I was feeling the same way," She'll read right through that like a pane of glass my friend. If you felt that way you wouldn't be having this "just a friend" talk. You would be gone. Guys never have this talk. Why? Because we're idiots. We would have never come up with this phrase.

But seriously. What makes us get so mad about this, is that we feel tricked. You feel duped, like an idiot, thinking that this person liked you. You felt that this person was on the same level with you and really all along they were slowly drifting apart. It hurts. But I want you to think about this. In what ways are you "duping" people along the way? Have you put way less into a relationship (not just romantic, but maybe even friendships) than the other person. Do you find yourself barely hearing things they say just so you can talk? I know I do this.

None of us want to feel insignificant. We all struggle with this deep inside. What makes you feel insignificant? Is it the person who says, "i only like you as a friend."? Or are there deeper moments of dissatisfaction and insignificance that you are dealing with now? I'm here to say there is someone who loves you more than a friend. But this person loves you much more than a lover ever could. The bible says that Christ will never leave you or forsake you. And that's the (T)ruth.

February 9, 2010

Story God: @Grace Fellowship

I'm not one to get all overly excited... Okay I am. But, you don't wanna miss Grace Fellowship's new series "Story GOD". It is going to be really, really, really good. I mean, just look at the trailer!!!

Story God: Message Series Trailer from Grace Fellowship on Vimeo.

February 4, 2010

Caption Please

I was reading in @loswhit's blog and alot of times he will have a "caption please" post. So I wanted to try it out. I would like for you to comment a caption for this photo. A few rules; obviously keep it clean. Be creative. You can also put a small story plot if you'd like. So comment away!

February 3, 2010

one of the best...

Here is one of the best messages I have ever heard preached. This message was delivered to seminary students at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary this past year. The preachers name is Matt Chandler and he is teaching pastor at the Village. If you have ever aspired to be in the ministry or are currently in the ministry, I implore you to listen. Even if you are not, this message still will stir something in you. If not you're probably dead. ;)

New Series: Search for Significance

We are going to start a new series in GraceSTUDENTS this February called "Search for Significance. Everyday we struggle with our significance in life. Many people feel invisible to those around them. They just want to know that someone cares, that someone notices---that God cares. In this series we will learn about how Christ gives us significance and how He calls us to replicate that love to those around us who might feel invisible.

I attached an older clip, but I still feel that it shows a real-life example of this being lived out in a Christian's life. I know some of you get so tired of hearing about Tim Tebow, but after this clip I hope you will give him kudos for living what he preaches.

February 1, 2010

Lucky # 7

This Sunday our church fellowship is going to be 7 years old!!! We are going to have a crazy awesome party next Sunday, plus you are going to hear some great vision God has given us for the future!!!

So you definitely don't wanna miss out on the festivities next Sunday, because it is going to be sweet!

I am so thankful for our volunteers. Week in and week out you guys give up so much to help make us who we are @Gracefellowship. But especially @GraceSTUDENTS! This weekend is made for you as well. So come JOIN THE PARTY!!!

See you Sunday Feb 7th!