February 10, 2010

Where is the love???

So do you remember a time when your best girl said the dreaded words, "i only like you as a friend"? What a swift kick in the pants that phrase was. I want to know what woman came up with that retort. She is like the person who invented toilet paper, or Cheez Wiz.
She would get a chick Nobel-prize.

I mean, it's pretty much indestructible. When a girl says this it's like what the Royal Flush is to card-playing. You lose.

Seriously woman, you really messed me up. I mean no matter how you retort to this statement, you lose. You either look psycho, whiny, weak or weird. And if you say, "I was feeling the same way," She'll read right through that like a pane of glass my friend. If you felt that way you wouldn't be having this "just a friend" talk. You would be gone. Guys never have this talk. Why? Because we're idiots. We would have never come up with this phrase.

But seriously. What makes us get so mad about this, is that we feel tricked. You feel duped, like an idiot, thinking that this person liked you. You felt that this person was on the same level with you and really all along they were slowly drifting apart. It hurts. But I want you to think about this. In what ways are you "duping" people along the way? Have you put way less into a relationship (not just romantic, but maybe even friendships) than the other person. Do you find yourself barely hearing things they say just so you can talk? I know I do this.

None of us want to feel insignificant. We all struggle with this deep inside. What makes you feel insignificant? Is it the person who says, "i only like you as a friend."? Or are there deeper moments of dissatisfaction and insignificance that you are dealing with now? I'm here to say there is someone who loves you more than a friend. But this person loves you much more than a lover ever could. The bible says that Christ will never leave you or forsake you. And that's the (T)ruth.