February 17, 2010

Personal Psalm of Lament

Why? Why do we do it? When faith in Jesus seems absurd? When we have more questions than answers? When everyone that goes their own way seems to triumph.

They have fat wallets, fat jets, fat watches and fat rings. Pleasure shares their bed and Gluttony washes any sorrow from their face. They laugh at us from afar and say, "Where is your god? If he were real why do you toil? I say "grow" and my pile of gold doubles. You see a building and cannot take it. I could buy the building for my dog to sleep in."

It seems as if their hands are almost on any prize that they seek. It is within their grasp. Many are crushed under their heel. They are free to do as they please. They are proud. Men bow down to them, and look in envy.

When I look at our work, is it much to regard? We work all day long. Consumed with the concern for our flock. A flock that disregards and goes its own way, but we run after it. We pursue it. Although it scatters we work to mend our fences. But we are soon divided. We strive between tending the flock and reaping the fields full of grain. Will there be no more to help?

Then I hear the voice of the ONE. It splits my bones and melts me like wax in a fire. I become as a liquid under YOUR rebuke. Why do I doubt YOU? YOU make the sun rise and fall. YOU give the stars their home under YOUR roof. Earth's riches are but a trinket. A small charm on the wrist chain of the least person in YOUR Kingdom. At the sound of YOUR voice the clouds retreat. The earth splits open and bears its interior. It too is afraid of YOUR voice. In the same way as the earth splits open you will crush the wicked. They will be revealed and laid bare before the NAME. Those that cast no regard in YOUR direction will stand and give account.

I bow down and YOUR fire rains down upon my life as a cleansing flood. I trust YOU. YOUR rebuke is better than 10,000 kisses from my lover. YOU will see YOUR work done during this time. At YOUR command YOU bring living water from stone. Nothing is too hard for YOU. So I will praise THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES. In YOUR NAME is hope and YOUR NAME is good. I will praise YOU, because YOU have delivered me from stumbling. YOUR GLORY shines above the earth.