December 15, 2010

The World Wide Norm

hey dudes and dudettes, this site is deleted, if you want to see Norm go here (

September 12, 2010


Friends, Romans, countrymen lend me your ears... Well it looks like I am about to give up the ghost again on this blog. I just wish I had the time, but in reality I feel like I just dont have the time to keep up with this blog as well as I would like to. It's hard letting go because I do have fun writing from time to time, but in reality I think my mediocrity is hurting both you and I. Me, because I hate doing something halfway. You, because you don't really get all of me if I am doing this halfway. So this is the last hoorah as I am going to take this thing off of life support. Thanks you few faithful folks!!! I love you and you have a special place in my heart... Cue trumpet playing taps... Peace

August 7, 2010

Top 5 Urban Influencers list...

Check it. I love everything rap and hip hop. So, if you are like me, check out these websites below. They are the deal, and you might learn a little something along the way too!

1. Rapzilla:

Rapzilla is a website dedicated to up and coming urban artists. I love how they spend a lot of time with the hottest cats in the rap game who rep the name of Jesus. If I were you I would be checkin this site at least once a week. I like it because it's simple and they have plenty of legit content!

2. Passion 4 Christ movement:

P4CM is a great site for the most real and inspired spoken word! I love listening to what these folk are spitting, because it is both heat and light! They bring the passion and the truth in one sitting! Pastor Justin has a great vision for bringing Christ to the streets and connects artists with the truth of God in a very inspiring way and this site is just one piece of what these guys are doing in LA.

3.Sphere of hip hop:

SoHH was one of the first places I connected with true hop hippers that were unique, had tru style and loved Jesus all in one spot. These guys have all types of music and if you are into the crazy stuff, they got it here. There are beatsmiths, beat-boxers and urban beatnicks on their playlist. Plus there are forums where you can learn anything from turntablism tips to church discussions.

4.Crossover Church (Tampa, FL):

If there is a place that is killin it, Crossover in Tampa would be it. Not only have a personally been there and seen it in action, but I know that Pastor Tommy is the real deal. This dude loves Jesus. These guys are the ones who put out flavorfest (ps. if you love hip hop and jesus... you MUST go to this event) but they are also doing tons of good work in their community as well. 2 Legit to quit mayne!!!

5. Urban Youth Workers Institute:

Do you have a deep passion for seeing Christ magnified in the lives of urban students? Are you looking to connect with others that have that same passion? UYMI is a website designed to connect you with resources and help you take your next step in serving those in need. They have trainings and seminars, so check the web and give them a shout!!!

I hope you enjoyed the sites! I got heaps more, but it's way to early in the morning and I gotta get some sleep!!! Peace and God bless!!!