April 15, 2009

200th Post: The theology of "sweet chicken"...

Last year, when I helped out with Gracekids @Camp KidJam (PS, i made the 09 promo video, cuz Im cool like that!) we ran into a really awesome guy named Derrick Tennant. He was basically the MC/Comedic entertainment of the camp, but he also ran around camp like a wild-man too, which made camp crazy!

Anyways, one of his favorite sayings was "Sweet Chicken!" Anytime he was on stage or anytime something happened that he though was the bomdizzle, he would say "Sweeeeeet Chicken!!!" Now this word became part of the vocabulary of the campers for the week. So anytime something good happened we would say "Sweet Chicken." 

Do you guys have any unique sayings that you use that people may or may not know? There is a student pastor that I know that likes to use the phrase "What the monkey?!" for things that surprise him. Pretty funny. Even if you are older, I know you had a phrase, so comment! ;)