April 13, 2009

its Monday... now what?!?

Easter at Eola was quite an amazing event. We really got to see the power of God moving among all the people involved. For many people that came, this Sunday was the first time, in a long time, that they had the opportunity to come to worship. Many people got much needed assistance from the Destiny Foundation and many people enjoyed a small taste of what it will be like when people take a step to serve their community. It was a great day.

So today is Monday.... Now what?!? Christ has still defeated death. Christ still is Lord of the Universe. Christ is still the center of our affection. It's time to take our next step toward Him. Even if you took your first step yesterday, it is a new day! ...and with that new day it is time to take a next step.

I encourage you to take a next step. Pray to God in the next few moments and ask Him what that may be. You might be surprised! He is risen! Go and be the Church!

If you are stumped, here is a place you can start: NEXT STEP (http://www.gogracefellowship.com/easternextstep.html)