July 3, 2008


Just got back from Georgia yesterday. We went on a scouting trip to check out all the fun things to do in north Georgia and to make sure our summer retreat is going to rock. We had many funny experiences with the locals and also with directions (or lack thereof). But, one of the culinary highlights of the trip was a trip to Hardee's.

I really never looked upon Hardee's favorably growing up. It looked like a wanna be Dairy Queen. But this past tuesday I saw the light. We had breakfast at the Hardee's in Ellijay, GA and I have been a believer since. They have the best flippin biscuits ever... that's right I said ever... Someone holler if you here me. 

Now granted I was pretty hungry especially since our eight hour trip turned into a 10 1/2 hour trip the night before because of weather, rural roads, non-reflective mailbox numbers and lack of phone service. Good times!

We did get to spend some time praying for the chitlin's that are going to make the 8ish hour trip up with us. Such a beautiful place too! Can't wait!