July 31, 2008

Metamorphosis Part 4: Live the life

For those of you that have been following. I give you mad props because this has been quite a drawn out little series hasn't it? I write today from an excited heart and pumped for next summer's retreat! What? Next summer??! Oh Yeah!

Anyways, The last full day of the retreat was sensational. The students played "manhunt" the night before and pretty tired. We all know when teenagers get tired they have a hard time paying any kind of attention. But, Mike Anderson, our camp speaker brought an intense message of identity and how we choose to live against our God given identity many times.

Mike explained that when he was six years old he had a argument with his mom that caused him to "run away". In reality he just hid under his clubhouse about 200 yards away from the house. He said he endured about three hours before it became dark and, once the bugs started crawling on him, he decided to get out and go back home.

His point for the story was in our desire for "freedom" we do the exact opposite of what we want. We create a prison. Interesting concept 'eh? I think the students really got the messages of Metamorphosis. But the bottom line of Metamorphosis was not just about the one time death/life change in Christ. But about living in the identity that God has placed upon us as sons and daughters.

So my question to them and you is this. So how should we then live?