July 23, 2008


I just had my brother and mom here for a week. We had a pretty good time, but I wish they could have stayed a few more days. Our dog Pancho really misses them, because they were here all day and he could play with somebody while we were at work.

I was really glad to have hung out with them though. I think it is weird that we are all getting older and that my "little" brother is 26 now. I thought he just graduated high school last year..what tha??? Oh well, tis life 'eh?

Anyways I am getting excited because I have Metamorphosis coming up. I am getting all the last minute arrangements settled and trying to remember to keep everything in perspective. I am praying that this weekend will be a really cool time for the students and leaders that are going.

Will you pray for the leaders and the students on this trip? We will be gone July 25-July 28 and will be in north Georgia. This is our first out-of-state trip, so pray it goes smoothly and all that jazz. I will try my hardest to keep you updated via Twitter and blogger. (Hopefully I will get service up there in the woods :)) Anyways until then peace!!!