July 15, 2008

one the thirteenth day of no blogging....

I apologize for the blogging drought. I was away at camp KidJam for a few days and I got all out of sorts. But it was a good type of "out of sorts", similar to the "out of sorts" you might be in during bowl game season with four t.v.'s and the computer on or better yet, when you are standing in a Bar B Q buffet line (should I go for the ribs again or maybe the brisket) *i love food analogies*

There have just been so many good things happening at Grace and not just with the student ministry, but in every aspect of our fellowship. It has just been a whirlwind of people's lives being transformed and others taking their next step (or first step) toward Christ. I could write about seventeen pages of great things that have happened in the last twelve days, but for the sake of brevity I digress.

This morning I was reading and it just hit me how much of the Christian story is not supposed to be about me. But, I always make it about me don't I? I worry about how I am doing in my spiritual life or where God is leading me. But the fact of the matter is that God is the focus of everything Christian. I read this quote (which I will probably butcher) that read "I would like to get a hold of God, but my arms are too full of me".

Isn't that just like us. We would like to embrace our savior, but our hands are just too full of holding us. This past week at KidJam I just sensed a ubernatural voice telling me to let go of the things that are getting in the way of holding God. Just to let go. Not try and figure out a way to carry them in one hand and embrace God with the other arm. Not temporarily put these things down and wait to pick them up. Just let go. 

Easier said than done right. But its not about me... Its about Him and His glory and fame... Therefore He compels us and is worthy of it.