July 24, 2008

Preparation and Perspiration

Well it is about t minus 14:28 before we head to the mountains of GA. I think we have most of our ducks in a row!!! We had our leader's meeting today and it seems like we've got quite a troop. I tell you what if it weren't for them I might be freakin' out by now. 

It is so funny because details are not natural to me. I am a big picture person, so it takes a little extra som' som' for me to pull off details. But ever since reading Steven Furtick's blog on weakness I am confident. Even though he says to give it to someone else... which I will do next time. Live and learn, yes?

But in all actuality I am jacked up about this weekend. It is going to be a good time and I know that students' lives are going to be changed. Thanks to Grace for giving me the opportunity to invest in your students. I consider it an honor, privilege, and great responsibility!!! Hopefully I can blog from the mountain top. If not I will give a full report when I get back. 

Much love.