July 21, 2008


My bones bend
Under the weight of my own making
from the self-induced pressure
The crushing, bruising and breaking
Shortness of breath
my eyes growing 
blurry... blurred... tears...
tears form running away from the pain that is inside my mind


Dazed, a hope, a friend awakes me from my slumber
A friend to dust off my limbs and 
put salve on my wounds
It is You
Oh wounded Healer!
You... crushed and bruised 
know me.
You... crushed and broken
love me.
I gaze into your beauty, the eyes filled with blazing, searing, devastating love.
Devastated I come.

You mend my bones...
my sinews...
my flesh...
my soul...

You restore me Oh God, you place me up where I never imagined to 
Is there anyone like our God? Is there one who knows the every need of His people? God is my fortress. From within I have been renewed. Amen