December 18, 2008

ready for the curve-ball

I was doing a little reading about new media and the whole technological curve-ball that is being thrown the church's way. I have debated, "Are the web, blogs, facebook/myspace, micro-messaging all that meaningful/important/impactful?" I think so. I was reading an article in Neue quarterly by Aaron Linne that addresses this topic. I'll let you read...

  "If the Church chooses not to look at new media as part of today's society, then we are not engaged with the culture that surrounds it. We must know the culture that surrounds us. It is our (Christ-followers) responsibility to find our place in the New Media world and embrace our opportunities to share in the story together."

What are your thoughts on this subject?? Does it irritate you? Challenge you?? Move you to get a twitter account (lol)? I think it is a worthy discussion to have and to evaluate as more people spend more and more time online.