December 27, 2008

January Series - Forward Motion

This January, in the student ministries, we will be going through a series entitled "Forward Motion". Since we are in the new year frame of mind, you might remember (or maybe are getting ready to set) some new year's resolutions and goals. But what is true for a great deal of us is that we fall short of what we expect to accomplish every year. Unfortunately, it is often the same when we try to become the Christian we feel God has called us to be. We fall short of our goals and become increasingly discouraged. 

In this series we will learn that following Christ is more about the small steps we take everyday, not about huge leaps of faith that we think we need to make. Hopefully through this series, you will learn to set a goal, determine the first step and make it!!!

My great hope with this series is that you will understand the forward motion in your life is a process of next steps more than it is about gigantic leaps.