November 3, 2009

why Grace?

Hey my peeps. I just wanted to shout out at you about a place I call home. I want to qualify this blog by starting off saying I know that the church is not an organization or a building but the people of God. We are the church (if you are a Christ follower). No ifs ands or buts...

I love the Church period. But I also love being a part of a local body in Orlando who I feel is making an impact in central Florida. I just want to take a moment and tell you why I love what I do and why I love being a part of Grace Fellowship Orlando. Kimberly and I were going to Grace long before I came on staff. I love it then like I love it today.

What impressed me so much about Grace was how missional it was. I see tons of new faces come in the door all the time. But not only was I seeing that, but I was (and still am) seeing people's lives change from night to day, from darkness to light. Seriously. BIG life change in people. Both de-churched and unchurched people alike were encountering God (and still are) on a weekly basis.

I love that Mike (senior pastor) doesn't allow Christ followers to be satisfied with being bench warmers. We were all designed to play! If you are around Mike long enough you will learn that he is going a million miles a minute and he will not spend one moment unturned for the glory of God. That is a leader that inspires me. But he does it as he follows Christ. We are all challenged to that end as staff members. Love God. Love your neighbor. Don't waste your life!

I love how Grace has helped change me from the inside out. Through the messages both Kim and I have been changed as a couple. We have been moved to love our neighbor as ourselves and live as agents of change in our spheres of influence. I see student's lives change on a weekly basis. And I also get to watch as families reconnect to God, and it makes me smile!

At Grace Fellowship you can be sure that you will be challenged to live sent. You will hear a message (from any of the ministries) that following Christ daily is an imperative and living out our faith is the directive. We don't get it perfect and we sure can do some crazy/goofy things (i.e. wrestling mask ) and also some inspiring things (i.e. Easter at eola )

But it all is so that people, no matter if they have been following Christ for 50 years or have just encountered God today, can take their next step toward Christ! Grace exists to lift up the name of Jesus not Grace Fellowship. There are many great local bodies out there in Orlando, but this is a little bit about why I call Grace "home"!