November 11, 2009

Kung Fu: Do what you do to me

I am a product of the late80's / 90's. But I do vaguely recall the kung-fu frenzy of the early eighties. The only reason I knew what was up as a four/five year old is because i had two uncles who were in their teen years and they were 'bout it 'bout it on some Saturday Kung Fu Theater.

Anyways, I have always been captivated by kung fu/wushu movies. I love them. I could watch them 24/7. Many are predictable, and the voice-overs can still prove to be pretty indecipherable, but I still love them. Does anybody share this strange liking? Or am I han solo on this one?

I always wanted to learn wushu. Ever since my uncles whittled nunchuckas in their shop class and "practiced" what they watched on TV. Then, like my uncles, we realized kung fu masters don't make much money in real life. Bump that.