November 9, 2009

Monday Morning Musing 11/9

First of all... It's stinking November. I mean it was like July three weeks ago and now we are in November. How did that happen? Nine whole days into November. Anyways, sorry about that.

1. Sunday was massive!!! Like great teaching, great worship, great time together, like massive. I hope and pray that we remain encouraged throughout this week to worship and serve boldly. Go and be the church Grace!

2. Our Road Signs series ended well! Brent Upham shared his testimony and it was just awesome to hear a story about what Grace is doing in the lives of people. So awesome!

3. As usual our student leaders were all on point! Great job guys/gals! I love working alongside of you on this mission to help students take their next steps toward Christ.

4. Looking forward to our new series "thanksGIVING" which will talk about us taking our thanks to God to another level by serving and giving to those who are in need around us everyday.

5. love you guys, remember to worship GOD, build relationships and influence your world!