November 4, 2009

just walk across the room...

Recently I have been challenged to reach out and tell more people about Jesus. I mean really impact my spheres for Christ. It is so funny because this has been on my heart and just recently Mike challenged us as a staff to have spiritually meaningful conversations with people we might not normally do so. Wow. Talk about a challenge!

Why is it important? Take a walk with me...

See, there was this young man who moved away to college and was assigned to one of the craziest dorms on campus. He did have a few friends from home at the same school but, all they liked to do is party. So the first few weeks went on like a blur between partying, eating, partying and oh yeah a class or two here and there.

But then someone who lived on the floor above this kid decided to befriend him and walk with him even though they did not have a whole lot in common or even believe the same things. But that didn't matter because he didn't care, he just wanted to be his friend. Later on that fall the two became better friends and day by day they would talk about things that really mattered and one day this guy shared the gospel with this crazy kid. And guess what? It changed his life forever.

My friend Mat walked with me and talked with me. He didnt have to. In fact I dont know if I would have come up to me because I was pretty messed up. But my friend Mat walked across the room and became my friend. Despite the fear he might have had, or anxiety, or fear of rejection he came to me and became my friend. This altered the course of my life forever. If you are scratching your head still, I was the crazy kid who drank his first semester away, I was the kid who someone had the guts to walk across the room and talk to.

You can walk across the room. You can reach out and talk with people you might not normally talk with. God has placed someone in your path right now that you can talk with and minister to that does not know Christ. If you feel like you dont have that person, pray. pray. pray. We need to be burdened for people around us again, because hell is a real place, but so is heaven and God is real. Reach out!

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