November 8, 2009

Im the best... no really I am.

Today I was mystified by a certain individual. I was just amazed at how much of an air of superiority they walked around with. This person had no regard for anyone else around them. It was like the world was made especially for them. Now as a psychology major, I know it is usually a deep seeded insecurity that drives this kind of behavior, but that doesn't excuse it. It just doesn't.

I saw this video and it reminded me of that person, maybe it will make you laugh. (or maybe it won't) But I sure did.

James 4:6 says "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble." These aren't just words, but a concrete truth. If you love yourself so much that everyone else seems inferior, then you might be on the verge of fighting against the Almighty. Just think about that the next time you run into this person. Oh yeah, you know who they are... If you don't... Well then maybe you can figure it out. ;)