October 22, 2009

my rant on crazy christians

Okay this is a rant. I don't rant much, so consider it a rare moment on my blog.

When I was in college about once a semester some crackpot would invade our "free-speech" area and yell at all the students with some twisted form of what they believed was the message of Christ. I remember this one guy with his wife and 8 kids who traveled in a VW bus from California all over college campuses to tell people they were "going to hell". He ranted on and on about how everyone on the campus was a sinner and was going to hell. Everyone...

Not just the frat boys, not just the vegans, not just the liberals... Everyone was going to hell, except for him and his family.

By the fourth day scores of people were standing around waiting to see what this crazy bird would do next. They all thought he was an idiot. He was doing lots of damage to the credibility of ministries on campus as well because many people thought this was what a typical "Christian" was like. Some of my friends tried to reason with him between his rants but he would yell at them and say they were going to hell too.

Finally on the last day he was there I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Okay we all get that we are going to HELL, WHAT MUST WE DO TO BE SAVED!?!"

He looked at me and paused.... He had a captive audience... He didnt say a thing for what seemed like 15 seconds... Then he took a deep breath and continued to tell everyone they were "GOING TO HELL!" just like before. I gave this joker the benefit of the doubt to give him the chance to give at least a few words of truth and this guy just kept on.

He didn't want to tell anyone about Jesus. He just wanted to tell everyone they were going to hell. He had no story of Grace. He had a story of self-righteousness that no-one could live up to.

So the reason for this rare rant is I have seen these weirdos start popping up in cyberspace. I feel like now that we have the interweb that they seem to be popping up more and they are even more incessant than the guy that invaded our school. They spit their venom at people, on their blogs, on their you tube videos, on their websites. They comment with such unwarranted suspicion and hate.

The latest attack I saw was about a student pastor I have met and respect greatly. In meeting with him, I was able to see first hand his passion for the Gospel and how the staff serve Christ with every ounce of their beings. In their ministry they are trying to win as many people before their time on earth is done. They are doing so with integrity and honor to God's word.


To the haters, LEAVE THEM ALONE! GO DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE besides tear everyone else down. I have already spent way too much time on this post and giving you the time of day, but please STOP IT! If you are one of those closet bloggers dogging other ministries or churches CUT IT OUT! You aren't getting mad props from God for "outing" their ministries, or "exposing" their false teaching.

Please quit hating. Spend that time and energy serving others, give time to help the orphan and the widow. Use that time you would have wasted recording a hateful video to encourage others in your community. Quit this nonsensical and self-righteous crusade of blasting people you dont even know... God doesnt need you to be the "holier-than-thou watchdog". I think He's got it under control.

Okay Im done....