October 1, 2009

Pillar One: Worship GOD

I really love what I do. I love the place I work and the people I work with. (that's YOU!) But many times it is easy for the purpose of our ministry and the vision to leak. So that's why I wanted to write a few blogs about who we are and our purpose as GraceSTUDENS. You can find a short synopsis of our tenants on www.gogracestudents.com as well.

1. Worship God.

Two words with monumental meaning. We all worship something regardless of faith. We all have something that we put front and center in our life. As a ministry we choose to put God front and center. We want God to be the object of our attention and our affection each and every day. This is only possible through Christ.

This pillar of our student ministry is numero uno because without worshipping the one true God, you cannot do anything else. You can pretend by acting religious and doing "so called" good deeds, but it really means nothing if you do not know who God is.

I find that most external struggles/sin we deal with really begin as internal struggles. Even more so our struggles begin with the heart. If our heart is not rightly related to God through Christ, then of course our outside world will be wack (even wiggida wack)!

In college we had this worship service called "Power Source". Yeah, I know. Cheeseball. But as kinda lame as it sounds, there is truth in those words. We cannot do anything aside from being plugged into God. Only God alone can birth in us the ability to love people and change our world. SO my question to the students is, What are you worshipping? Because only someone who worships God day in and day out can live out the life God has called us to.