February 2, 2009

Why do I do it?

People think that I am crazy. They don't understand why I would even consider spending my time ministering to teenagers and their families. I mean look how volatile teenagers are (not to mention what a powder keg parents are! lol, just kidding.)

But here is the skinny. God has given me a passion to help students take their next step toward HIM. Students are inundated with messages from the world that or so contrary to the message Christ has for them. Many teenagers float along, like helium balloons, taken by every gust of wind that life has to offer. 

But despite this, I have seen something beautiful. God has given me the eyes to see students as he sees them. And occasionally these students tap into this potential God as for them and take off! I have seen a teenager so broken for his school, that he got there early to pray for his campus every morning. So broken that he creates an after school group that brings revival to his campus. 

I've seen a teenager so wrapped up by God that she commits her life to serve on the Ivory Coast of Africa as a full-time teacher. Have you ever seen a seventh grader lead his parents to Christ and join an adult small group because he wanted to know more about Christ? I have. 

These are only a few of the MANY things that I have seen God do in student ministry. Students need people to see them as God sees them. To love, encourage and challenge them to be the heros God has called them to be. 

Our student ministry is growing and we will need people that are crazy... er I mean willing to jump into serving this part of our fellowship, BIGTIME. I need people that really want to invest some time in the next generation. Will you pray to God and see if He is calling you into service with us. We need you. You don't have to be perfect or uber cool. You just have to be willing and He will do the rest.

email me for questions or information about serving!