February 8, 2009

talking is NOT the same as playing...

In Texas, high-school football is a religion. Whole towns empty and travel 200 miles to go to another small town and double their population in one night.

In my hometown (of 18000) we have a professional grade astroplay field and the capacity to seat about 9,000+ in the stadium on a regular season friday night. There is nothing like it anywhere... Friday was our sabbath and the stadium was the house of worship.  

But despite the size and frenzy of the crowd, when the lights come on Friday night, only those in the game actually change the scoreboard. There are 22 players on the field at one time. They are the ones that take the brunt of physical force in this contact sport and they determine what happens.

See no matter what the crowd thinks, no matter how much they believe that they can effect what goes on the field, these people are only spectators when it comes to playing the game. They have NO physical bearing on the outcome. (crowd noise not withstanding)

Yet many of these same people will still give advice to coaches and talk the talk of someone who is in the game. They come up with their own strategies over monday morning coffee and throw out all these ideas of how they would have done it better. But here's is where the problem comes into play.

It doesn't really matter what they talk about. It is the players who play the game. What really makes an impact in a game is the person who is in it not watching from the stadium.

I don't mind people asking me things and giving me advice. I'll definitely hear you out. But here's the deal. If you are not spending time in the game, then your words don't carry as much weight, other than being words. I want to be on journey with people who are willing to get into the game. To follow after Christ hard, and more specifically for me, those who are willing to step in and serve in the students' lives. 

Thanks to those that have been stepping it up. You mean the world to me, I take what you say very seriously. I hope more out there will join in the journey...

“It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle.” ---Richard M Devoss