February 25, 2009

Plant some seeds!

I have a few magazines that I like to read. One of them is called "fast company". It is about the most cutting edge and innovative companies in the US. This months issue has the article "50 world's most innovative companies." I read some great stuff, but the most memorable quote came from Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.com(#9).

He said, "We want to plant seeds that will grow into big trees, and that may take five to seven years. You also have to be willing to repeatedly fail--and to be misunderstood for long periods of time" 

Obviously, he is not talking horticulture. He is talking about the mindset of Amazon always pushing forward and trying new things (such as the Kindle). In my opinion, he is also talking about making investments that might take a long time to actually come to fruition. This challenged me to think. What "seeds" am I planting in my life that will someday become "trees"? 

It's funny to think of us impacting things in the next generation, but what if we started living to do just that. What if we consider our present interactions as long-term investments???  wait... just got a headache... lol!