February 12, 2009

Purity: where do you walk?

For the guys out there who read this blog, this is a post for you. (Not that the ladies cannot read and get something out of it, but I am talking from a man's perspective)

Please take a moment to read Prov 7:7-10,

It is a pretty straightforward passage, but one thing that I did notice and want to share with you is that this young man did not just randomly fall into trouble. See there are many guys out there who struggle with lust and purity. They make the plea that they fall into the temptation of lust, blaming it on xyz, but they still keep walking down the figurative "roadway" to this sin.

See, in my opinion, the young man in this passage knew EXACTLY where he was going. He knew he was going by the prostitute's street, by the prostitute's corner, by the prostitute's house AT night! This young man made deliberate choices (4 choices in this passage to make before he fell into sin) If you notice there were several ways out for him along the way.

My point is simple, guys. We have a choice in the matter of lust and maintaining purity. You have a choice where your eyes wander. You know when you are most vulnerable to attack. You know what "street" not to go down.  1 Corinthians 10:13 is a scripture that lets us know (if you are in Christ) that God does give you the opportunity for a way out.

Remember that the choices and commitments you make today, shape who you are tomorrow. Thanks for reading!