June 14, 2008

Greensburg Bug

The other night there was a show on the Discovery channel called Greensburg. I thought it was a very compelling show. A quick synopsis of the show is that this small town in Kansas was decimated by a tornado and now they are rebuilding the whole town "green". 

After the show I researched a little about LEED standards and what constitutes a "green" building. I wondered if there were any communities of believers that had a green church? And actually there are! How cool is that. I think it is pretty cool that people want to give themselves away even to the point of being a good steward to the resources God has blessed us with. 

This show really hit home especially since gas prices are berserk. Am I going to trade in my car to go green. Well... not yet, but at least Im thinking about how I can live green. Pray that I can really take it to heart.