June 24, 2008

Go write your ramble, Go write your world

I am currently reading three or four books. I am reading them slowly because the only time I have to casually read is fifteen minutes before I go to bed or for an hour or so on my day off. Anyways, I am reading a really good book about writing by Anne Lamott. It is called "Bird by Bird".  The book is not just a good book about writing, but it also contains truisms about life. She seems so genuine in her writing style. She allows herself to bumble or create quirky metaphors that sometimes just barely work. But I love it!

One of the biggest pieces (albeit simple) of advice on writing in the first few chapters is to just write. It just was such a big shocker for me because I was looking for a cool technique or formula she follows in her writing, but there is none. Just write. So I will do just that. I will write. Sometimes it may be bad or incoherent, but I hope that sometimes there will be something worth reading.

So there it is, for those of you who are crazy enough to try the writing life. It takes time and practice to be a better writer, so just do it. Write, write, write!!! Just write your ramble and go write your world.