June 11, 2008

The Birth of Metanoia (Blog 2.0)

Blogs have been around for quite a while and honestly most of them bored the doo out of me. But lately I have seem to run upon a resurgence of the blog.So, I guess since my peeps are checking out the blog scene again, I decided to begin a blog to write about what is happening in the life of Norm and the goings on in the lives of the students in central Florida.

Now there are heaps of other blogs I have linked that are much more grammatically palatable and not so boring, but if you are courageous enough to battle the egregiously placed prepositions you may find this blog to be, at the least, notably ordinary. Which these days is not too bad if you ask me. Anyways that is as much explanation I can give to this blog as I can muster.

My name is Norm and I am a "no longer a twenty-something" living in the orange-zested state of paranoia known as Orlando. My wife and I have lived here for the last three years and life has been pretty good to us. I have a dog named Pancho, who is a six-month old puppy of poopy-making pleasure.

I hope that this blog will make you laugh, cry, wonder and hopefully help you think out loud about your journey in life. One of the great things I have learned in my short time on this blue-green ball is I am not the center of the Universe. There is a center, but this takes time to learn and if you are willing you can find the center.