August 16, 2009

Sunday Night Re-Cap

Man this has been a great week. I got myself a good power nap, but was awakened by the utter excitement I feel about what God has been doing and is going to do this fall/rest of the year @Gracefellowship. I can't even hold it in!!! Kim and I got to worship at the 9:00 am service and I was so thankful. Please don't take coming to service for granted because it is a BIG deal.

1. Many people came to know Christ today @Gracefellowship! I wasnt in all services, but we had at least 10 people in the first service. Heaven was crunk times ten!

2. I have to admit i get pretty excited sometimes but, DANG! I am excited about our upcoming 6th grade class! We had a great "Merge 09" class where the kids got to know about what we do and who we are. We had about 20 new students moving up, and to that I am thrilled!

3. I knew Mike was gonna bring it, but all I can say is WOW! If you didnt hear this weeks sermon @gracefellowship. Uh... you need to. Check on the "messages" and it will get you to the podcast.

4. The students ever amaze me as they respond to the message with passion. Today we covered 1 Corinthians 15. The resurrection is who we are as believers! We need to make sure teenagers know the truth and power of the gospel!

5. I am sick and tired of 60-70% of teenagers walking away from the faith at graduation. Each Sunday we get a chance to lower that number and if you are crazy enough to join me in the student ministries, lets bring it!

6. Things you can pray for us about: upcoming 6th grade class, small group leaders and the launch of great small groups this semester, pray for our new intern Dave, pray for parents and people to step up and help students take their next step!