June 26, 2010

Saturday Night Musings

So I should be sleeping because tomorrow is the big day... We will be busy running around, making the magic happen. People will be juiced up and ready to go with coffee in hand and big smiles on their faces. The strings will be tuned and the messages will be prepped. The doughnuts will be fresh and the chairs will all be straight. The lights will be cued and the sound should be perfect. The computers will be buzzing and check-in will work without a hitch.

Sometimes it seems like its a well oiled machine, that doesn't need tuning. It runs in high gear and purrs like a kitten. But the truth is without God we don't have anything. It is all lights, smoke, and posing. Without the Holy Spirit we are just another production, almost like broadway or any local theater troupe. Without hearts that are in humble posture to the Almighty we are just another busy religious parody.

But I know with all of my heart that we are not that machine. The church will rise up tomorrow and in buildings all over central Florida God's name will be lifted up. See, we have been praying and are praying this very moment for God to be the center of our attention. We have put our whole hearts into what you see on Sunday. Not because we want it to be flashy, but because we to give God the best that we have. We do that every day you see. As long as He gives us strength we will push as hard as we can to just reach one lost soul. Because you know what, I was once that person. I still remember my "first" Sunday. And believe it or not, every Sunday is someone's "first" Sunday.

So no matter what you think, or believe, or hate, or love, or disdain about this thing we call "church". Please take a second to remember that it is God's church and Christ is the head of it. Christ loves the church and it really is the hope of the world. So before you cast judgment, or decide to sleep in because it's not worth it, remember that. Remember what is good, lovely, worthy, hopeful, joyful, wonderful about Christ's legacy in the world. Pray for her (the church) and go to your worship gatherings tomorrow with great gladness in your heart. Let's celebrate together what God has done, so we can go out and be the hope of the world 7 days a week.