June 2, 2010

it comes and goes...

If you follow this blog, you know it comes and goes. It sputters and it stalls. Sometimes it runs pretty smoothly and consistently and sometimes... well it just outright stops. But I am trying my best to carve out time in my week to write because:
A.) blogging seems to be more efficient (and cheaper) than skywriting in a prop plane
B.) my writing should give even the greatest cynic hope because if God can still use a mess like me then there is hope for anyone ;)
C.) I think that maybe somewhere, someone will relate to this "God yearning" and think maybe it is worth giving their life to.
D.) I want to be the number 1 hit on google when someone searches..."most average blog ever" LOL

So, all that to say. If you decide to follow along, it should prove to be interesting next few months. We are going through some wonderful growing opportunities here at Grace Fellowship and I know that God is going to really rock us in some major ways coming up, both as a staff and as a church and as individuals. I am currently doing some personal research on the family ministries concept (or "Orange") and am fascinated on knowing more of what it means to partner with parents in the spiritual formation of their students!

PS a few good reads I have found for family ministry-- "Think Orange" by Reggie Joiner and "Family + Church Collaborate" by Michael Chanley... Good places to start!!!

I am so glad you decided to stop by today. Be encouraged and remember that Reading is FUN(damental)!!!!So keep posted and Ill be back sooner or later.... but hopefully sooner!!! LOL