December 17, 2009

Growth Spurt! Part Two

this is part two of an earlier post...

3. We cannot do it alone. I don't know why many leaders suffer from the "hardheadedness" syndrome. Read it. Say it. "I cannot do it alone." Think on it. Don't be a ministry hog. Share the blessing. Enough said...

4. Anything good takes time. Can I be transparent for a moment? A while back part of me wanted to be the "student pastor guru" that gets book deals and goes around the country telling people how to do a student ministry. I thought, "If I can blow something up in 2 years, I can prove to people that Im worth listening to."

I was egotistical. Not one ounce of that dream was about God... I know... I was a poseur. Years later I have learned that God is the one who makes true growth. So what if that takes 10 or 20 or 100 years? We need to wait/trust/lean on the LORD and not push forward out of our own power. If I ever write a book about student ministry it will be titled, " Hey you! Listen to God, dummy!" ;)

5. Be flexible with your plan, but don't be flexible with the mission. I have had all these, great ideas and plans starting off. But, since then listening constantly (to God speaking, wise teammates, my wonderful wife, and my pastor and others) has helped keep a good amount of fluidity in our student ministry. But one thing we do not compromise on is the mission of helping people take their next step toward Christ. That's what Grace Fellowship is about. We want to reach those who haven't yet stepped foot inside a church. From this we will not back down.