December 1, 2009

Breakbeat Theology

Did you listen to the track on this video? What comes to mind when you listen to it? Did you hear anything monumental or life changing?

Yeah. Well. Me neither. But that is because I live in 2009 not 1969, when this track first came out. This is actually a very monumental track for audiophiles out there. This track actually contains, what is known to dj's as, the famous "Amen break". The "Amen break" is actually a 6+ second solo (1:43-1:50) that the drummer (G.C. Coleman) does on this B-Side record cut.

The funny thing about the Amen break is that if you are into hip-hop, turntablism or electronic music at all you have heard tons of derivative beats/tracks from this little 6 seconds of music. In fact this 6 seconds actually spawned several sub-genres of electronic music by itself. All from one little drum solo on a b-side track.

Most of you have been born after the apex of vinyl records (im included in this too) but back then b-sides were just kinda afterthought tracks put on a single (the A side--the side you supposed to listen to, the B side- eh. maybe. )

So. Why the history lesson on wax? Here's the deal. Im sure they liked creating this song. Im sure it was fun and all. But, I dont think this B-side track was ever written intending to change music forever (well at least hip-hop and subsequent electronic music anyways). But it did.

The insignificant proved to be very significant.

See even the most insignificant things can have significant impact (that we may never even get to see). I hope this true story can help bring significance in your "everyday" routines, because you never know when you may be creating an "Amen break" of your own. It may seem like everyday stuff, but what you have done today could prove to be monumentally significant!

Colossians 3:23 speaks to this very type of thing. Whatever you put your hand to should be done as unto the Lord. This helps me to understand that no matter how small a task may be, I might just be working on the next "Amen break" in my work field!!! Break it down!!!