September 28, 2009

Monday Morning Musings- 09/28

My Sunday Night Recap is now called "Monday Morning Musings". I decided to do this because 1. I like getting a day to think about all the things that happened and B. I spend Sunday nights playing Mr. Mom because Kim works late, so I figure what's one day?

1. People coming into a relationship with Christ for the first time Sunday at Grace = 31! How flippin cool is that? 4 of them were in the middle school service and that is the greatest thing ever! Heaven is rockin' with joy that you are now part of the party!

2. Our small groups went really great and we are getting more students involved for our second week of small groups! Make sure you are there!

3. This week is our third week in our "Back to the Start" series. We talked about building relationships and how that is important for us as followers of Jesus. We build relationships at GraceSTUDENTS via our small group ministry. Which is a great place for students to get to know one another in a deeper level!

4. YOU! I love that you guys have been outside of the walls being the church to your schools and your circles of influence. I am so glad that you have been committed to helping other people take their next step toward Christ!