March 9, 2009

Rhythm: the recap!

A big thank you to the students that braved the daylight savings change to come to our 10:30 student service! We had a sweet time learning about how God created us with an innate sense of wonder and how many times the things of this world drowns that out. But, God has given us the ability to recapture that wonder through Christ.

I hope that the people who got rug burns from our games are okay today (Dudley, send me any medical bills you might have incurred ;) ) I still think that the girls would have won three out of four if the guys were willing. If you didn't get a chance to be there this Sunday you missed out on one of the craziest game we've had in a while, but I still have a few things up my sleeve for next week.

At the end of our time together we had a chance to go outside for some of our small group breakout time and spend some quality alone time reading scripture and reflecting on some of the attributes of our Creator! I think some of the students really enjoyed the opportunity to pause and reflect on the greatness of our God.

I think it is very vital to spend time outside with the scriptures and to meditate on the character of God. Some of my best times of worship have been outside in the still quiet of nature. Well, thanks for reading and if you are a student I look forward to seeing you next week!!!