March 6, 2009

creepy... maybe... cool... definitely!!

have you ever heard of Google latitude?? It is kinda like a live GPS/tracker so your peeps can see where you are ALL the time. At first I was like, "that is SO cool". Then I was like,  "wow, this is a little weird?!?!" I mean I like the idea of twitter, but this may be a little creepy for people. 

I remember back in the day I used to throw smoke screens at people i didnt wanna hang out with, like "oh i gotta go return my library books" or some other lame excuse to get out of doing something... Some of you are like, "I was wondering why he had to go to the library so much?!" Just joking, now that I am a Christ-follower I don't lie*. 

Anyways, it does seem cool but then it seems weird. What is your take on it??? comment below