November 10, 2008

Jesus is important to me

Yesterday in IMPACT, I had the students share why Jesus was important to them. They took a little bit of time to write it down on paper and here are just some of their words...

"Jesus is important to me because without him I wouldn't be forgiven and free."

"He is important to me because without him I'd be nothing. And He is important because he took my sin. Also He listens to me and loves me!"

"jesus is someone who is always there for me and he guides me in the right direction for life."

"Jesus is important to me because he is my Lord and Savior. I trust in Jesus and prayed for Him to come and forgive me of my sins. Jesus knows I am not perfect. Jesus guides and protects me when I need Him and He is always there for me."

It was really cool for me to get to read the things that students had to say. We have a great group of kids that really have a heart for Christ and I just wanted to let all the readers out there in blog-space to know how proud I am of your students...