November 19, 2008

It's aliiiiive!!

Boy, I have been mad sick this week. I can't seem to shake this wicked cough and the inside of my head feels like it is filled with this stuff. I know right before lunch too! Gross. Anyways, I am heading to the National Youth Workers Convention this week in Nashville and it is going to be really sweet!

I will blog to you guys form Nashville to let  you know how it is going and update you from time to time. This convention has student pastors coming from all over the nation to get together to worship, encourage one another, and spend time talking together about ministry and how to better serve the communities we are in back home. 

There are going to be a bunch of cool teachers and I'm sure I will get a whole lot out of it. I need you guys (and gals) to be praying for me as Im up there as I'm spending some of that time as a personal retreat too and getting amped up for this spring and next year!  I hope you guys are enjoying the cold weather. I will be in the covers and taking my Nyquil for now. Peace!