November 21, 2008

at the airport...

Yes, I am that person. I always get to the airport WAY too early. Then I just sit here.
Sit... Read... Check my watch... Sit.. Write... Snore.. 

Now I am reading my book and stealing the wireless internet from those around me. (Jussst kidding, Im on the airport's internet) Anyways, I am now on antibiotics so I hope that my cough and cold goes away. I feel all woozy because of the cough medicine, but I think Im going to add coffee to the mix to make things fun!!!

I hope you have a good morning. I will be thinking about you and praying for you this next couple of days. Yes you! I have a spy that tells me who is reading and then I pray for you!!! J/J Seriously, have a good day and we'll chat soon!