October 6, 2008

The truth about accountability

Since I have been a believer I have heard that one good thing for a Christ-follower to have is accountability. But, what does that even mean? In college we really "tried" to have accountability relationships, but sometimes it got waaaay too legalistic or way too insignificant (we would just say "oh we messed up...AGAIN). Personally I have had a hard time being in an "accountable" relationship, because I have always done it "just because it's the right thing to do". 

The last two weeks we have been studying H.A.B.I.T.S. in the student ministry. The funny thing is how God uses the very thing you are studying to convict you. I realized that if I am to talk about this on any level with students then I really need to be intentional about having true accountability in my life. I am being transparent here, so please understand I am walking this journey just like you. 

What we learned in IMPACT this week is that Accountability adds INSIGHT, TRUTH, HOPE and FAITH to your life. These are there very things that I had been missing from time to time in my walk with God. Go Figure?? Are you missing these things in your life? Do you meet regularly with someone who will hold you accountable? I know I have benefited from it. I that my lesson learned can help you take your next step toward Christ. Thank you for reading...