October 27, 2008

Mercy before sacrifice....

What in the world am I doing inside today??? It is one of the nicest days yet this year. All cool and breezy and stuff! Anyways if you are crazy like me and are inside today, I'd like to share a little of what is on my heart with you.

I have been thinking about the "Generous Life" campaign that Grace is doing and also this week in our student ministries we have been talking about "Tithing". As I was looking through the lessons and thinking about all this, it is really easy to think that these lessons are only about external actions. I mean is tithing really only about giving my money? Is the Generous life only about giving more money?

Obviously the answer is no, because it is much more than that. In the lesson about tithing to the students a question was posed. The question was "Why does God need our money?? He has everything and He makes everything. But it really boils down to our hearts. Do I TRUST God more than anything. Do I really want to be wholly his??

There is a scripture found in Matthew 9:13 It really speaks to this issue. What is God's heart? What is my heart toward God? The giving is just a side product of "the generous life" we choose to live.