October 30, 2008

Dag Yo!

I really have been stoked about the weather. I think there is something about a little chill that helps us to remember there is a thing called fall and winter in other parts of the world. Where I grew up we would usually get our first freeze between late October and Middle November. 

When I was in high school, we would usually go out in the woods somewhere are make a huge camp fire. One of those nights our friends car actually caught on fire and burned up. It's true. He had an ooooold Ford Bronco(like 79 or something like that). Anyways, this vehicle had a heater that was underneath the seats. I know its weird, but just try to imagine. 

So this night was one of the first cold snaps of that year. This was the first time in a while my buddy had used his heater. What he didnt know is somehow a bunch of leaves and stuff was trapped all around the heater. (Probably from the summer when he would take the hard top off and ride around, you know how it is in the country).

ANYWAYS, we parked his car and went on a hike and as we were coming back we noticed there was a bright light shining from where we had parked ol boys car. We thought maybe someone had pulled next to his car and had their headlights on. But the closer we got someone yelled, "dude, your CAR is on FIRE!!!" 

Now the fact that this guy was my friend was the reason that I had so much restraint for the first three seconds, but then I just had to say it. "Oh my gosh, that is SO awesome!!!" I mean flames were leaping like 5 feet high from this thing and we were so far out in the country there was no water hoses or anything like that to try and put it out. This guy just had to watch in horror as his dope ride incinerated. We just had to walk back to the campsite and let the car burn. (No cell phones back then)

Luckily one of our friends came to the exact same spot the next day and found us and the blackened car. So the moral of the story is... make sure you have a camera with you at all times, just in case your friends car catches on fire.