January 29, 2009

more than twinkies...

Statistics, in a George Barna survey, say that 66-75% of "christian" teens leave their faith after high-school.
58% of "christian" teens believe all faiths teach equally valid truths.
70% don't believe an absolute truth exists.
50% do not believe Jesus rose from the dead.

Some may say, "shame on these teens..." I say shame on the church. We as student ministers have the obligation (and the privilege) to teach the Christ of the scriptures. Many students are taking Calculus and reading Tolstoy at school. Students are being challenged in many aspects of their lives, why not in church?

There is a quote that really reflects this best, "Most youth leaders have taken the greatest subjects, hidden them behind the counter and fed their kids junk food Christianity instead." 

Will you partner with me to not just feed students a junk food Christianity? Will you make it less about behavior modification and more about our Lord and Saviour? Will you allow your students to ask you and me the hard questions, so that their faith will be bolstered under fire? Will you be challenged to know Christ more personally to lead students to HIM?