September 29, 2008


so, today is Monday... The day after...

Are you ready to put into practice what we talked about? Today is the first day of your spiritual "hang-time" with God. I know all of you are on different levels, but no matter if you are just starting or are looking to improve on your spiritual life, today is the first day on the road to changing your life!!!

Let's go through those things one more time, so you can get on track right!
1. Make time with God a PRIORITY
2. Take the time REGULARLY
3. Hang out time with comfort not GUILT

Remember our relationship with God is meant to GROW! You are setting the building blocks for tomorrow by what you choose to do today! You guys rock and I am stoked about the next spiritual habit to change your life! (but you have to wait until Sunday for the next one, in the mean time learn to cook mac and cheese!)