September 12, 2008

Blank document

Many mornings I try to find the right words
to pray
And I think about the eloquence of my father
And the sincere words of my mother
I think of the curse words of the sinner
just saved

I think of the last words of a soldier
The first words of a mother
Seeing her newborn child
Words seem so easy to say

But, I am struggling with words
Like hand me down clothes that just
don’t seem to fit
I don’t know what to pray to You
My mind just wants to quit


Spirit moves, Spirit breathes
Dust begins to feel natural on my knees
Because it is where I was meant
To Be
Words do not come from my lips or my mind
But my heart sings easily

It sings and tells You
The things that are true
My heart it prays for love of
others and love to You

I pray with words of Spirit.

-Romans 8:26