August 27, 2008

Texas is winning the poll!

I wanted to let you know I haven't been voting for myself, the real UT has been winning this poll for the last few days!!! 

In other news... I had a really cool day today. I was really busy and felt like I wasn't getting that many checks in the "done" column. But I had a few interactions today that really lifted my spirits. I mean I don't know if you know, but God is doing some really cool things in the lives of people at Grace.

We have folks plugging in to serve and people recommitting their lives to follow Jesus. We have students taking their next steps, helping their friends and living for God in their schools. I really think people are getting it!

We need to continually push forward for God's sake and for the sake of people who are out there right now that don't know Christ. The 3rd service is a great way to do this and we want people to be apart of this movement of God.

 If you can help out in any way please let us know. There are plenty of opportunities in  GraceKids, greeting team, breakdown team and others that will need help for the 12:30 service. Nothing to it but to do it! Peace!